About Tailored

Ever since Tailored was formed in 2003 our main focus has been to provide bespoke 4D services and solutions. The company has rapidly progressed into having an outstanding reputation for understanding complex operational processes and replicating them in user-friendly and efficient systems.

From the beginning, the company and the technologies we use have evolved. The continued push for innovations mean that we have become a recommended 4D developer across multiple sectors and industries.

Located in the North West of England, in Greater Manchester, we provide specialised 4D services to SMEs and corporations throughout the UK & Ireland, USA, Australia and the rest of the world. Our bespoke 4D solutions are carefully tailored to our clients’ specific needs and cover public, private, commercial, industrial & transport sectors.

Technology That Fuels TransformationOur tailored 4D programming solutions make business environments more efficient, productive and secure, while enabling fast and flexible responses to a rapidly changing competitive landscape. We enable businesses to act quickly on ideas by delivering results that can be easily composed and recomposed to meet shifting demands so they can lead in today’s marketplace of disruptive innovation.
4D Solutions as a Road to SuccessWe deliver high-quality, high-value products, consulting and support services in a single package. That is what sets us apart from the competition. We have a rich experience in servers, storage, wired and wireless networking, converged systems, software, services and cloud. We are the number one choice when it comes to providing the right tech solutions for your unique business goals.
The Power of InnovationTailored Ltd has been in the business of 4D innovation for more than 14 years. Our vast experience and development capabilities are part of an innovative road-map designed to help organisations of all sizes, from global corporations to local start-ups, advance from traditional technology platforms to the 4D cloud systems of the future.


Image of Matthew Trevor, Founder of Tailored Ltd.

Innovation is the key to succeeding with global competition, bespoke cloud software solutions are designed to give businesses a competitive edge. Nobody is more qualified to make that happen than Tailored.

Chief Executive Officer, Tailored Ltd


We engaged Tailored to devise an on-line solution to a complicated, multi user process which until then had been done manually. Tailored took the time to understand every facet of this area of our business and proposed a clever solution, which looked great and worked perfectly. The success of this element of our business took off swiftly after this piece of work went live and we subsequently employed their services again to develop the next iteration of the project, which was more complicated. Again, their ability to understand our business was startling, and they came up with additional ideas that we hadn’t even thought about. All on budget and on time too. Highly recommended.

Richard Hume – Director, Kaplan Residences

Tailored helped us by developing a software platform that manages multiple product inventories for our online marketing channels. In comparison to other solutions in the market it stands alone for ease of use and affordability; we can now set up new channels quickly without the need for additional help or development. Matt and his team were responsive and professional throughout the project, a pleasure to work with.

Zak Hood – Head of E-Commerce, Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports

Tailored have done a fantastic job on every project they have completed for Freight 4U. We will continue to use them in the future as there is no one better.

Rob Bristow – Company Director, Freight 4U