4D Training and Support


We live in a world where data represents one of the greatest assets any organisation can possess, but without the ability to properly organise, manage, access and edit this data into a collection of useful information, this asset is often wasted. At Tailored we utilise our vast experience and expertise in 4D programming to help you achieve the best ROI from the data you own.

Whether your requirements may be, we are always here to provide you with expert advice, consultation and bespoke programming services when it comes to designing a new database, improving an existing database, or trying to decide on your next steps to get the best from your data. We will work with you from our offices or on-site, at your designated location, and use the most suitable technologies to improve your data management, increase productivity and help save you valuable time and money.



At Tailored we believe that the quality of the training we provide is a crucial factor in the effective development of knowledge, skills and attitudes. Whether it is just for specific aspects of a project, or to learn some of the basics, our 4D training services are here to enable you succeed. We offer as-needed training sessions that work around you, from your availability to your current skill level. Our training programme is developed specifically to recognise and target those areas where your skill level can be improved.


If you find that you are having problems with your 4D servers (maintenance, installation) or implementing new 4D cloud/client solutions, we are at hand to provide support in an effort to get you comfortable with using the new software as soon as possible. Also we understand that with any development project, you can sometimes feel stuck or stressed about code that just isn’t working for you. We understand that learning to utilise a new development tool in an unfamiliar programming language can feel daunting. That is why Tailored offers 4D training and support. Tailored is here to help you push forward and succeed.