Tailored have worked with different businesses from a wide variety of sectors and industries to create robust, reliable bespoke 4D solutions. Here you can browse through some of the main sectors that we have worked with so far. We are of course very open for cooperation with other branches of commerce, so do not hesitate to contact us even if your sector is not represented on the list below.


Clinical-based solutions capable of managing thousands of records for health care and research. You can store thousands of patient records on our robust scalable databases, including medical histories, prescription data, and even therapies.

Document management and robust databasesWith the fully integrated document management system you can upload and attach vital forms, releases and other legally required documents to patients, and medical staff. A required reading section is also included on a per user basis that ensures that all users (be they staff or doctors) are kept up to date on new methods or medications providing the individuals with reading material for the latest procedures and practices.
Integrated CRMA CRM is provided in order to maintain a potentially expanding list of suppliers and patients and all the interactions between them, whether simply to confirm appointments or to order/refresh medical supplies. For the purposes of analysing cost-effectiveness of therapies and medications, there is an integrated analysis tool to help as well, which will allow you to quickly and effectively identify areas of financial concern.
Booking system
A calendar-based booking system is included to help effectively optimise the when, where and with who of appointments as well as the amount of time each should take. Integrated into this is a staff absence and availability management tool. This allows you to also keep track of who has done what and when, allowing you to set or observe KPIs.


Our retail solutions are designed for high volume online businesses with integrated systems to maximise the way in which you and your customers shop online for both products and services.

Integrated Back-End Solutions with Store ManagementOur entire retail solutions come with an integral back-end system which allows you to manage and access the products and pricing structure that is displayed on your online store. The back end system is a useful analysis tool to assess profit margins, supply costs and selling prices.
Shopping Cart and Secure CheckoutYour retail solution will include a fully-integrated secure checkout. This ensures that all online payment transfers are securely encrypted to help prevent digital theft or interception.
Secured Socket Layer (SSL) encryptionGive your customers peace of mind that all their online transactions are secure between themselves and your site with the most up-to-date SSL certificates.


Operational solutions for global higher education companies, capable of handling thousands of simultaneous interactions per minute by thousands of concurrent users such as administration staff, tutors and students.

Automated messaging serviceWhen completing online applications for education, students have the capability of being kept informed of any further progress or other developments regarding their application via automated emails or text messages. This adds another layer of interaction with current or potential students.
Document managementTo become an international student there are many documents required by law. The document management functionality built into the system allows students and teachers to upload vital documentation that they can later download to prove their current qualifications and identity. Course information and prospectuses can also be shared using this function.
Multi-user back-end managementEach user has their own access to the back-end management system, so whilst administration staff deal with processing student applications, tutors can handle course material and references and students can see where their application is up to.All this enables a seamless means of getting international students into the UK education system.


Our solutions include inventory and order management solutions for hospitality and catering companies along with Cloud CRM vital functionality. You can set up stock level alerts that will then inform you when they reach the all-important re-order levels. Keeping you informed is the best means of ensuring that business should never have to be stalled due to poor supply – thus improving customer relations.

PurchasingAutomatically produce order details for your suppliers, by using a product structure you can easily manage the amount of materials purchased in order to fulfil clients needs, This aiding a healthy cash flow and profit margin by eliminating waste which can occur if perishable goods are over ordered.
Integrated CRMMaintain all your customers and suppliers through the use of our CRM functionality. This can also enact as a means of maintaining a record of agreed ordering policy and general interaction.


Our insurance integration solutions provide seamless communication between systems and are accessible through the use of cloud-based and PDA software – used by end-user surveyors to complete reports for insurance companies.

Fully integrated calendar booking system for staff managementThe completely integrated calendar booking system is a simple but very powerful tool which enhances time management. Appointments can be scheduled while concurrently checking the availability and location of staff to fulfil appointments. This allows you to manage time effectively and increase productivity.
Inventory and costing managementEvery solution comes complete with an effective job costing and supply chain management section. Allowing you to anticipate outgoings, identify areas that can be improved upon to maximise the efficiency and profitability of your business.
Automated communicationOur insurance solutions have the capability to send emails to insurance companies and claimants alike advising them of results from completion of surveys and claims. Giving customers peace of mind that their claim is in progress and that they are being kept informed, it also provides insurance companies with results from surveys without having any further interaction, keeping all parties informed automatically.


Cloud based analysis and marketing optimisation through automation and integration. Track your Pay-per-click (PPC) costs against the conversions of your active sales channels. This allows you to optimise the way in which you handle marketing your products. Quickly identify those areas that are excelling and those that are lacking in order to maximise your marketing expenditures.

Integration to sales channelsOur marketing tools are fully integrated to both the client and various sale channels – such as Google, Amazon and affiliate marketing. The service obtains a feed of your products, including the price, images and an up to date stock level it then uploads them to multiple sales channels. You can then view and track how effective your online marketing schemes are and adjust them accordingly.
Checkout cookie freezeWhy should you have to pay some unknown affiliate a percentage of your sales simply because – at checkout – the customer went to look for a voucher code (for example)? Tailored marketing systems offer a checkout cookie freeze function to prevent dissociated affiliate marketing from attaining unjust commission. You keep the full price of the sale and any/all profits that come with it and you get to take full control of the marketing spending optimisation.