4D Services


4D has many benefits, one of them being longevity in the application and database development sector. Because of its sheer power it is used to create some of the most complex, high performance solutions in the world.Our 4D consultancy services combine technical and personal approach and are available to you at every step of your project, from planning to release. With a wide range of disciplines, Tailored is available for consultancy on part-time, contract, project-based or on-site work.


While moving to the Cloud is not always easy with technologies like Java and .Net, Tailored has years of experience helping businesses while managing the associated risk.If you need more powerful 4D solutions and are considering migrating to the cloud, we will move your data, applications or upgrade your existing 4D client/server applications from on-site computers to our 4D cloud-based solutions.


Whether on-site or remotely, Tailored will work with your development team to create the solutions that you need at the budget that best fits your business.With us you can experience the most powerful database and application development solution for small, medium and large businesses for the desktop, client/server, Windows and Mac.


Our integrated 4D systems provide flexible, scale-able and future-proof solutions for a wide range of applications across the public and private sectors.Integrating your 4D solutions with connected services enables rapid scale-ability of any of your projects. After fine-tuning the 4D integration process, over the course of hundreds of applications, we are uniquely positioned to make complex projects successful.


Our 4D specialists backed with years of experience, paired up with analytical approach designed to immerse you with the knowledge and skills you need to create successful solutions.We understand that learning to utilise a new development tool in an unfamiliar programming language can feel daunting. That is why Tailored offers complete 4D training and support.