4D Integration and Access


Businesses that do not keep up with modernisation often find that their systems and technologies are lagging behind the competition, with business owners and managers just struggling to keep up. The cost and impact of these problems can become significant. However pinpointing the exact cause and the core of the problem is not easy. That is why Tailored is here to help.

Our integrated 4D systems provide flexible, scalable and future-proof solutions for a wide range of applications across the public and private sectors. Integrating your 4D solutions with connected services enables rapid scalability of any of your projects. After fine-tuning the 4D integration process, over the course of hundreds of applications, we are uniquely positioned to make complex projects successful.



Integrating systems with 4D is a very old challenge. The impact of poor integration is often in other places, like complex management reports that require lots of manual tweaking. Many of our clients do not have a healthy relationship with their systems vendors so it is not easy to get changes made simply, quickly and at a reasonable cost. As a result the business gradually evolves without the systems keeping pace and the result is more spreadsheets, databases and post-it notes.

On the other hand, there will be occasions where a computer system or a database has been designed and developed by someone who is no longer available or when the system or a database have been taken to its limits by the current technical team. This is where Tailored bespoke 4D services come into play, as our custom-made solutions developed by our dedicated team, are perfectly moulded to integrate the new 4D systems and replace the old ones.


Our 4D integration services are tailored to the application and to the specific needs of our clients, taking fully into account the complexity of each and every system. Our 4D professionals stand ready to help you create a bespoke plan tailored to meet even the most specific needs.

As experts in cross-platform database design and development we provide support for any existing systems that you may use. Additionally, if you would like us to develop a new system for you, please feel free to contact our team.

Our comprehensive, tailored support packages reflect our confidence in the systems we design and build. We know first hand there is no better way to improve a system than to keep in constant touch with the users who operate it.