4D Cloud Migration


Migrating to the cloud does not have to be difficult and slow. Tailored will speed up your digital transformation so that you can start realising the benefits of the personalised cloud migration service sooner rather than later. With the help of our fast and comprehensive service, you can maximise your use of the cloud in ways that advance your goals.



  • Learning more about your business – We work closely with you to understand your main goals in business. In any activity it is critical to have a clear destination in mind before you embark. When you are considering cloud technology, it is no different: your direction should be driven by your business objectives and we are here to help.
  • Analysing your technical readiness – We will perform a careful analysis of your current I.T. systems and recommend the right set of measures to be taken if performance and functionality are to be improved. In all cases, the cloud migration strategy will be very straightforward.
  • Choosing the right cloud type for you – Not all cloud solutions are the same, so we will choose the right option for you, based on your particular case and requirements. Your business goals should drive your cloud choice, not the other way around.
  • Understanding your user community – If you are like most organisations, your staff already have a full workload. Creating new 4D applications or moving your present ones to a new platform has to be carefully managed so that it is not perceived as a risk, a loss of control, or change for change’s sake. We will understand your user community and client mentality to provide you with the best cloud migration option that works for you.
  • Performing and managing all technical aspects of the migration – Cloud does not just introduce new technology to an organisation, it also brings with it a whole new way of working, new skills and new responsibilities. With Tailored by your side, all technical aspects of the 4D cloud migration will be taken care of so that you can focus on what matters the most – running your business.
  • Helping you overcome the change – The addition of one or more 4D applications could impact your workflow, change control, monitoring and other operational aspects of your business. But benefits of the cloud migration always outweigh the dangers. With our rich experience and user-friendly approach, we are here to help, guide and assist you prior, during and after your 4D cloud migration process.

At Tailored our main focus is always on innovation, flexibility, quality service, timely delivery and cost control. So, start your cloud migration assessment with a partner you trust. If you are unsure if our listed 4D Cloud migration services match your 4D requirements, then please call to speak to one of our team members today.